It may have been a while since we last updated you on the design and features of the site, and while it seems quiet, we have been hard working behind the scenes to create a new community platform for AngelParents, and other supporters.  This new community can be found at and if you were a member at the main site before, you will need to reregister.  If there are any problems with registering, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Basically this existing site will remain as the information portal for AngelBaby, the organisation.  Whereas the community will be the place for people to remember their special little Angels.

Some other things you may have noticed...

  • Forum has been locked down and made read-only.  You can find forum like features under Groups in AngelBaby Community
  • Login box removed from above.  This is to prevent confusion, as this site and the community are two different platforms.
  • Removal of Poll.  Features like this can be found in the AngelBaby Community.
  • New Logo font.  We have opted for a more modern, and elegant design to the logo font.

What we are working on next...

  • Simplification of main site template, to a similar design to the community, to allow a seamless feel across all AngelBaby sites
  • Replacement to chat room.  We have encountered a few problems with the Meebo based chat as of late, so a new chat that is integrated into the new Community to make it easier to log in and chat.  No more renaming yourself from Guest12345 as it will adopt your Community username.

All feedback is appreciated.  Feel free to let us know via The Wire in the community.