Angel Baby balloon releases


have been supported generously by families in our community


Our gratitude to those who have sponsored the following get togethers :




4th Sept'10      Melbourne Vic In Loving Memory of Precious Angel William


4th  Oct  '10    Strathalbyn SA In Loving Memory of Precious Angel David


16th Oct '10    Ipswich QLD In Loving Memory of Precious Angels Ethan and Ella


6th Nov '10     Sydney N.S.W.   In Loving Memory of Precious Angel Xavier


11th Dec '10    Dubbo N.S.W. In Loving Memory if Precious Angel Lachlan


30 April '11     Perth  WA  In loving memory of Precious Angel siblings Jade and                        Baby Thomas and Precious Angel Lua


16th July '11    Melbourne Vic


15th Oct  '11    Kalbar Country Day , George Str Qld near Ipswitch


15th Oct '11     Melbourne , Mahogany Center Frankston North


14th Oct’ 12      Melbourne , Werribee Park Werribee South


Expression of interest for the future events can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank You




Feedback from Angel Baby Members




Tonya S. ---I have attended two balloon releases.. one in my home town at our local show and it was a wonderful feeling to watch a big bunch of balloons float in to the sky in remember once of our little angels...and at the same time making people aware of infant loss and the effect it has on families...I love sending my angel balloons !!




Jemima G. ---I have attended one. although very emotional I was so blessed to have met some new angel mums, dads, and families. I was honoured to help send balloons to our angels. I feel that day is for our angels and we can talk about them freely. and not be judged, it is a special day is makes me smile, remember and be blessed for our angel. I am able to wear my heart on my sleeve and know that it won't been torn apart ♥




Cath M. I have attended 1 balloon release in Melbourne. When I was asked if I would like to attend I jumped at the chance and immediately booked my flight. Then I had to wait another month or so before it was time to go. I was so very nervous. I felt sick to my stomach and suffered from headaches for a couple of days before. Online you can say how you feel without people looking at you, judging you. You can cry as much as you want and nobody is there to see you. The downside is there is nobody to hug you, to hold you close and tell you they understand, to tell you it's ok to miss your babies so much that it physically hurts and that everything you feel is the new "normal". At the get together I was shaking as I got out of the car, I know I had this strange smile - you know, the fake one - because I wasn't sure what people would think of me.


It was amazing that first hug, I felt so relaxed so cared for, so accepted. I met a few other Angel Mums and I guess it made it real that I wasn't the only one. That changed to sadness pretty quickly as I put faces to Angel's names and stories. I saw some beautiful pics of Angel's and it felt great that we could share our babies with each other in person.


I had a wonderful time helping with the balloons - even if it was only a little help - and it was difficult not to shed a tear when I wrote my babies names on their special balloon's. The release itself was simply gorgeous, I know our babies were having their own little get together in the clouds, waiting for their party balloons to arrive.


Thankyou Angel Baby for allowing us to be a part of something so special.

♥ Finn ♥ Ruby ♥




Cindy P. I have attended one in Sydney and I loved it. I am very grateful for being involved in it and can't wait to have another its just very special. I loved meeting other people in the same situation.




Lee-Anne S. Would have to be one of the best things i have done. I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders and a little more at ease. I didn't want to let the balloon go as I felt like I was letting go of baby Ella all over again. It was nice to also meet other Angel Baby mums and dads and share stories.....

Love you so dearly my baby girl ,play safely in heavens playground. Love for ever mummy...... ♥




Jessica ... I attended the last one in Melbourne, we had such a great day and the balloons looked amazing. We are so grateful to all the people who made this day happen and will definitely be attending next year xoxo




Marcus H... It was at the QLD balloon release that I met Jemima and found out about Angel Baby. My family came as well and I am glad I did go.  Thank you for everything and for letting me share my own experiences with everyone associated with this wonderful community site. 




Tab P ... I have attended balloon releases in Melbourne ,Sydney ,Strathalbyn and Dubbo. These releases bring a feeling of peace and togetherness , as well as so many hugs :) Those who attend the releases get a chance to sit and just talk to each other, about their Angels, their families, their fears and everyday lives. Everybody has a fantastic time and goes away feeling comforted and happy to have met old friends or made new ones. I love these releases and my friends and hope to attend many more




Cath, mum to Precious Angel Xavier : I attended in Sydney. It was wonderful to connect with AB family in person and share a special moment releasing balloons and knowing we could carry each other in our Journey .




Lauren R. I have attended the two Melbourne get togethers and LOVED every minute of them. I love meeting other angel parents no mask wearing required (putting on a brave face) as we are all in the same situation, it is great for us all to be able to share our angel babies and not feel we have to hide them or not acknoledge their short lives as sometimes happens when meeting people face to face. Definately will attend future AB get togethers xoxoxo

HUGE THANK YOU for organising such wonderful events ♥♥♥





Kristie C. I was at the Dubbo balloon release and it was an amazing few hours, I felt uplifted and proud but at the same time I felt somber and when we let the balloons go.I was happy but as I watched them all float away I felt lost,all the planning and to finally get to that minute of release was almost like I felt Lockie,it was a hard but beautiful experience and one that I can't wait to do again :)