2010 Angel Baby keepsake booklets

Foundraising to cover the printing of the 1st addition AB booklets.

Donations made by our community parents

in loving memory of their Precious Babies


  • In Loving memory of my precious angels, Aimee Elizabeth, Serafina Hope, Seth Bennett & Lily Dawn
  • In Loving memory of  Esmes 7 Angels
  • In Loving memory of in memory of Jesse James Schafer
  • In Loving Memory of ~Lucas Jayden~ Born too soon 18 weeks 2 days March 25th 2005 ♥
  • In Loving memory of ~Hope Angel~ Ectopic 8 weeks July 2006 Much Loved Angels
  • In Loving memory of precious Jonathan
  • In Loving Memory of  Jade Elizabeth Thomas born sleeping August 14th 2008
  • In Loving Memory of "Baby Thomas" born at 10.5 weeks on  25/09/ 09 RIP angel xxxXXxxx
  • In Precious Memory of ♥ Roman Zac Craven-Phillips ♥ 3/5/09    Donation made with love to all new angels xx
  • In Loving memory of Hannah Cait Brine 24.11.09 my angel, my darling, my heart, my soul xxxx
  • In Loving memory of Alex Turner-Spencer
  • In Loving memory of Shianna & Shayla Aston, mommy loves you always & forever, RIP BABY GIRLS
  • In Precious Memory of William Joaquin Vagner, beloved & very missed son who grew his wings on 6/03/09. Sending love & sympathy to new angel parents, may they be able to find the strength they need to get through the challenging times. Hugs & kisses to their little angels. love from Reese
  • In loving memory of my precious Shawn Patrick. Always loved, never forgotten, and deeply missed
  • In Loving Memory of David Jordan Scott born and grew his wings on the 30/o3/05~sleep peacefully little man~
  • In Loving Memory of Angel Te Rangimarie Kilmister who grew her wings on 09/01/02. Love Mum xx
  • In Loving Memory of Yvie Grace and Iris Olivia Wilson 29/08/08. Desperately wanted, Always missed, Forever loved. xxX xxX & Little pod lost 22/10/09 Never forgotten xxX
  • In Loving Memory of precious Angel memory of Isaak 2-12-09
  • In Loving Memory of  My Beautiful Daughter Addyson Poppie Jenkins, The brightest star in the sky.Desperately Wanted, Forever Missed, Always Loved
  • In loving Memory of precious Angels Killian and Rhapsody Lefler
  • I loving memory of our sweet angel, Wesley Austin Shill, born into heaven on January 3rd, 2009
  • In loving Memory of Sienna Mary Rees 17.11.2009 What is part of us for however long is us and will forever be. xoxox
  • In loving memory of Liam Christopher Kelley, born into heaven June 29, 2008. Forever in our hearts ♥ ♥ ♥
  • In loving memory of my precious Cheyenne Lilea Lane. I never got to hold her here on earth, but I know one day I will hold her in Heaven. I wish I would have had something to help me like this when I lost her.♥ ♥ ♥
  • In Loving Memory of Summer Kay Shell ♥ ♥ ♥
  • In Loving Memory of Sienna Mary Rees 17.11.2009 What is part of us for however long is us and will forever be. xoxox
  • In Loving memory of Cinzia Josephine Enna 30 Dec 2005-9 Jan 2006
  • In Loving Memory of Jye Douglas McArthur born to early at 22 weeks..mummy loves you baby ♥ ♥
  • In Loving Memory Ella Grace Magee born with wings on 3rd April 2003, we love you and miss you. In our hearts always and forever. Mummy, Daddy, Jack and Livi. xoxox
  • In loving memory of Angels Rillee, Horowai , Payton , Savannah and Gabrielle , Sleeping safely on the clouds , mummy loves and misses you all now and always ♥
  • In loving memory of Finn Alexander Mills, born sleeping 18th March 2008 ♥
  • Mummy's so desperately loved and missed little man Kaiden now playing with Mummy's other 2 angels in Heaven. Mummy's love for you is never ending ♥


2009 donations towards upkeep of our site


  • In memory of our beautiful son ♥ Jesse Schafer ♥ sadly missed,deeply loved 12/3/09
  • In loving memory of precious Angels ♥ Rillee Charlotte ♥ ( 5.04.09) 
  • Horowai Tia♥ ( 11.09.09)  and Payton Vic-Tori (10.01.10)  mummys little stars , shining high and bright , my life , my everything
  • In loving memory of our precious son ♥ Lachlan Mathew Cramer ♥ born with angel wings 13/09/07
  • In loving memory of my sweet angel twins boys Kyle Singh Randhawa 23-03-04 to 25-03-04 and Seanpaul Singh Randhawa 23-03-04 to 13-04-04 born to soon at 24/40 mummy misses you both so much always and forever loved xxx
  • ♥ Dedication: ♥ In loving memory of Roman Zac Craven-Phillips born sleeping:3rd May 09 Loved & Missed forever xx
  • In memory of my three lovely Tiny Angels Burns
  • In memory of our June Bug Kimberly June Williams born sleeping 1st April 2009
  • In loving memory of Isabella Ann Drummond 9th January 2006 x For God loved you so much he decided to keep you xoxox Mummy and Daddy love you so much xoxox