I just wanted you to know.

That I'll be with you wherever you go.

I've gotten my wings and learned how to fly.

And I'll dry your tears whenever you cry.


Though I've went away and it seems we're apart.

You will forever be my soul and my heart.

The love that we shared will not go astray.

For deep in my heart it will always stay.


You held me close when I was filled with pain.

And your smile gave me sunshine

when my life filled with rain.

You guided me when no one else could.


You protected me when no one else would.

We've shared so much that mere words can't express

how knowing you has made me feel truly blessed.


So please dear sister, fret not for me,

for now my soul is truly free.

So think of me often, as much as you can.

And I'll always be there to hold your hand.


I'll be your angel and guide you through life.

I'll give you comfort through torment and strife.

So thanks dear sister again and again, thank you

always for being my sister and my friend.