Sarah- Louise S.


I live in the UK and the weather is unpredictable I would say a meal in a pub or restaurant or even a party at home with all the trimmings .Sending cyber hugs and kisses love Brody’s mummy x x x


Cath M


I planted a Yellow & White Frangipani tree for Finn & a Pink Frangipani tree for Ruby. We also did a few things already mentioned...xoxo


Natalie R


Even though they are always in my memory I have decided to plant blossom trees that bear fruit...To me its a nice way to look at it as a tree is growing and it will blossom and grow fruit, a child’s life is so much like how I picture these trees , growing all the time ,needing to feed and nurture them and watching them thrive and blossom and even bear fruit...I have picked a cherry tree, a Green plum tree and Apple tree.


Lisa T.


A huge bunch of PINK flowers, pink candles (it will be 3 next year) a card for my angel and an angel or pink gift - have a photo frame that I got this year that says "always thinking of you in my arms" with a scan pic in it (photo of my angel not appropriate to have in it as i have small kids and she looks really poorly). I may also get another tattoo for her this year


Maxine S.


Even though I have four angel babies I do this once a year my angel day! I go down to a special spot by the river I write a letter to each of my angels telling them everything I think about them and the wishes I had for them an I fold them into origami boats. I set my little boats off down the river an watch them float down the river ! I know some people mite see it as strange but it gives me comfort to just watch them float away out of my life carrying my love to my babies.


Amanda D.


I'm so not sure yet... we have just celebrated our angels birthday with cake and releasing balloons, but am now only weeks away from her 1st angelversary, and really have no clue... but thank you all for the ideas and for putting the question out there!!


Carol Annmarie P


My kids and I have Precious' memory box out put something new in it and the kids draw her a photo and I add a poem or a letter.







Ellie A.


We go and put beautiful flowers for Pretty girl. I only let one florist do flowers for her as he himself lost a brother to SIDS so he understands what they mean. As well as prayers as our Pretty Girl passed during Holy Week so I usually in prayers as her angelversaries happens during or before or right after the day I don't have my pretty girl with me.. Actually day before yesterday I found a pack of pictures of her (repeats of one I already had). It made me smile.


Jeannie Houston W.


We went to the ocean last year and the kids all decided to have a birthday party at the water park. We spent the day having lots of fun and laughs and talking about how Chloe and Zoe would have responded to the different attractions there. Would they like the water? Etc. This year we are going to the ocean again and the kids decided they want to celebrate by watching the wild horses running the beach.


Martyna O.


We've done many that you said, Teddy bears on his grave, we took a day trip out to a dinosaur museum near here one year, we went on a family hike this year. On his first birthday we had a remembrance BBQ with family and close friends. They all donated a toy to our children's hospital. This year on his birthday we took our sons to Chuck E Cheeses to play.